Beste Gurkey Growing Up Race By Race

The number of female artists serving as soloists and orchestras in percussion is increasing. Yet another 13-year-old child star nominee is set to join the group. Beste Gürkey (birth.2003) I watched it once when she performed with Nativity child. He was a kid the size of a finger. Now 13 yaionda and 7 at the State Conservatory of Istanbul University. He continues to work with his father Engin Gürkey as a class student. She participated in the International Competition held in Philadelphia, Italy, last May, winning two titles in the marimba and vibraphone. The jury of the competition consisted of famous artists Igor lesnik, Ludwig Albert and Lin Chin-Cheng. He also shared his skills with the audience with the concert he gave at the Filedelfiya Festival. Thus, in the last five years, the number of degrees he has taken in 7 competitions has increased to eight with six first place, one second place, and one third place. I congratulate Beste and wish for his rapid development and continued success.